Essential Tools to Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Clean

So you’re searching for the best cordless vacuum, a handheld vacuum that will help you keep your carpets fresh and clean, looking their best. It’s wise not to just settle for the first one you come across, since as you’ll see from reading cordless vacuum reviews, some are a lot better than others, with much more satisfying performance levels. Luckily, as you might expect, the more you pay, the better the machine and the better the results. There’s your first clue!

If you’re a keen hobbyist, for example, you’ll really need to go the whole hog and buy yourself a good quality craftsman wet dry vac, something that will pick up all sorts of debris without a problem, and will suck up nasty wet spills as well as the dry stuff. Cordless wet-dry vacs tend to cost more than your ordinary, everyday cordless vacuum cleaner, but that’s what you’d expect from a specialist gadget.

Great cordless vacuum functionality – You get what you pay for

A cordless handheld vacuum, provided you pick the right model for your purposes, is a thing of wonder. No more faffing around trying to untangle flex from around the furniture, no more rummaging for extension leads because the one attached to the machine isn’t quite long enough. Most of these cool little gadgets are smaller than your regular vacuum cleaner too, nice and neat, a whole lot more portable. They have to be light and neat, otherwise the charge would only last for a very limited time.

The wet dry vacuum is a brilliant invention. But an ordinary handheld vacuum cleaner is the most popular choice. Some peope buy one to supplement their ordinary plug-in hoover, only bringing out the traditional big guns when there’s a lot of ceaning to do. Others throw out the big boys in favour of a smaller hoover cordless vacuum or similar brand, preferring them for their ease of use and light weight.

The Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is supposed to be the Rolls Royce, the best of the bunch, and it’s certainly a dream when it comes to lots of lovely suction. But all that high performance comes with an equally high price tag, depending on the model costing hundreds of pounds rather than tens. Having said that, your Dyson will last you more or less forever as well as being a seriously good-looking piece of kit, something plenty of people happily affix to the wall in full view rather than stashing it away in a cupboard. It’s so good-looking it’s actually a form of domestic art!

Which are some of the best-selling wet and dry vacuum machines, and ordinary alternatives that only deal with dry debris?

6 best selling cordless vacuums

  • The rugged AEG CX7 LI-45 Animal – roughly £200
  • The stylish Dyson V8 Absolute, around £460, and the pet hair-focused Dyson V6 Top Dog: about £170
  • The basic, neat Black & Decker WDB215WA Dustbuster, around £45
  • The excellent Vax U85-ACLG-B Air Cordless Lift Duo, costing £140-ish
  • The Hoover SJ72WWB6 Jive, on sale for just £30 or so
  • The popular AEG AG5104WD Rapido, costing a mere £49 or so

If you’re offering accommodation for the famously fussy public, you need to keep everything spotless since reviews matter such a lot to businesses these days. Maybe you may like to invest in a cordless vac for every floor of your premises, so you can react fast to messes and spills? Either way, do your research before buying and you’ll end up with a machine that dovetails properly with your needs.

Karndean Flooring: The Benefits

Karndean Flooring: The Benefits

Karndean flooring is a vinyl flooring product that is made out of calcium carbonate (famously known as limestone), polyvinyl chloride and other pigments. Karndean flooring is usually structured with five layers. The layers include two PVC backing layers, a high definition photogenic layer, one PVC embossed wear layer and polyurethane protective coating.

Karndean flooring is used by people all across the globe for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:

Cleaning and Floor Maintenance

Karndean flooring is low maintenance and it keeps the floor looking great for years. It has a hard wearing and they are much easy to maintain as they do not need any staining, sanding or any other floor treatments for that matter.


Karndean flooring is also durable which makes it a great choice for busy family households and family homes. It is easy to clean and therefore, durable. Moreover, even if damage does occur, Karndean, since it is fitted well, will fully take on the damage. Therefore, Karndean flooring is very long-lasting and will withstand the test of time.

Underfloor Heating

A lot of home owners have a common concern regarding the type of flooring they are considering. This is because the flooring they choose can easily wear out due to many reasons. However, in the case of Karndean flooring, this is not true. An added benefit of Karndean flooring is that it is a decent choice for larger areas particularly kitchens and hallways. They also work thoroughly well in areas where there is under floor heating.

Easy to Install

Karndean flooring is also very easy to install, irrespective of whether you are fitting it in a house or office. It usually takes a few hours or less to get installed. This means that you will not have to wait around for it to be installed just as you do with wooden planks or any regular wooden flooring.

Karndean flooring is an ideal choice for bathroom or kitchen environments. The floor will not wear out even if water or any other harmful particle is spread on it.

Retains Warmth

Karndean flooring also retains the warmth, which makes it warmer underfoot as compared to the other floors. This is why Karndean flooring is an attractive option for the majority of the rooms in your house, especially the bedrooms.

It Is Tough

Karndean flooring is not like your usual flooring because it is tough and durable. It is made out of sturdy customised vinyl. Therefore, the floor will not readily scuff or scratch easily and you will not have to worry about the floors. Karndean flooring is also a great alternative to wooden floors because it is made out of a textured surface so it gives a great effect but at the same time, the price tag is relatively less.

Karndean flooring is chosen by people for their homes and businesses because of the many advantages they offer. Wondering why you should choose Karndean flooring for your home? Read the benefits above.

Everything You Need To Know About Steam Carpet Cleaning

Everything You Need To Know About Steam Carpet CleaningCarpets are pretty expensive these days, so cleaning them is a must not only because of their price, but it also the health of everybody living in your house. The traditional way of cleaning carpets is through shampooing. But thanks to technology, another alternative has been discovered and it is called “steam carpet cleaning.” It is now becoming a popular and more people are doing this than the traditional one. According to studies, an individual spends about 90% of his/her time at home or in their office space. This is why it is a must that pollutants that are present in the area, specifically in the carpet, be removed.

There are so many techniques to help in the removal of dirt and allergens on carpets, but they don’t guarantee that same good results. You will be surprised on the many benefits that your space would get when hot water and steam are involved.

The pollutants that are found indoors are about a hundred times more than thepollutants found outdoors, and this is enough reason for anyone to clean their flooring fibers on a regular basis. Yes, vacuuming helps as well as spot cleaning when it comes to making the life of your carpet last longer, but you must be aware that these methods can only remove dirt at the surface.

The only time that a carpet would be free from dirt and other unhealthy elements like dust mites, pet hair, etc. is where you do a deeper treatment, as it would be cleaned up to the deepest surface of the fibers themselves. Keep in mind that grimes and other dirt could build up over time, so it is only wise to have your carpet checked and cleaned up, so your health won’t be jeopardized as well.

Before the method of steam carpet cleaning arrived, carpet owners have used shampoo treatments for the longest time. It is not a bad option, but it requires much work and effort than simply using steam and water. Steam cleaning your carpet is a lot faster, so it would save you more time and energy.

What exactly happens when you use steam instead of shampoo? The hot water involve in this method will be the one responsible in cleaning the deepest surface of your carpet. This would help in reducing the build up of bacteria and other known toxins in your carpet. Aside from the fact that this method could eliminate germs, but your carpet will no doubt look brand new!

You can either buy the equipment yourself for steam cleaning, or you can also hire professional carpet cleaners to do it for you. It is more cost effective if you’re going to look at it because you won’t have to clean your carpet all the time since deep-seated dirt are removed. If you have carpets at home, now is the right time to consider this new and popular way of cleaning them.

How To Make Galaxy Jars and Glow In The Dark Jars For Decor

How To Make Galaxy Jars and Glow In The Dark Jars For DecorThis is a fun thing to do and at the same time, it will certainly give character to your space. If you love the galaxy so much, then why not take that to your room and make your space feel even more like you’re touching the heavens. The process is very easy and you don’t even have to spend a lot for this project.

The things that you will need for a galaxy jar are as follows:

1.An empty clear jar (mason jars are awesome).
2.Poster paints or dyes. You must buy the colors purple, pink, and dark blue.


1.Fill your empty mason jar with water. Put some drops of the purple pain or dye and glitters.

2.Insert some cotton using your stick and layer another color by dropping the pink pain or dark blue, whichever you want. Try to stir them. Do the layering all over again until the bottle is filled.

3.You will then notice the mix of colors and the glitters would make it look like the galaxy.

You can do this to as many empty jars as you can. So if you have those mason jars that are no longer being used, recycle them!

Now, allow me to teach you how to make a glow-in-the-dark night-light using jars as well. This is super easy as well and you won’t have to pay so much for the materials. Here are the things that you will need:

1.Empty jar.
3.Glow-in-the-dark glue


1.Get a piece of acetate that you think would fit inside your jar when you roll it and try to wrap it inside.

2.Go get your glow-in-the-dark glue and dot them out on your piece of acetate.

3.Dry your acetate with a hair blower.

4.Once it is dry, place it inside your empty jar and that’s it!

5.Turn off the lights and see how it works.

These jars are amazing for home décor or if you want something for Halloween, it could also work that way too. Let your creativity flow and have fun while doing it. You can even involve the some kids in your household and encourage them to participate with you. Just make sure you handle the sharp objects carefully.

I would also suggest to be creative in forming any art on your acetate tapes. I have seen other people create a Star Wars theme on their jars and that was really awesome! If you know how to draw, then draw some really interesting figures on your acetate and watch them glow in the dark!

For the galaxy jar, you can use different kinds and shapes of jars and have them on a shelf on your room or living room. You can even include these jars in your kitchen. Stay tuned for more interior and decorating tips I have for you on my next posts!

The Perfect Lighting For Your Room and Space

The Perfect Lighting For Your Room and SpaceThe Perfect Lighting For Your Room and Space The lighting of your room pretty much sets the tone of your entire space. It would help achieve the kind of theme and feel that you are going for in your house. The right lighting will make your house appealing to your guests, more comfortable to live in and it would also give more character to your space. There are so many lights to choose from and you could even play with colors. But these lights differ and would go appropriate to the size of your space, as well as to its theme.

For example, if you were trying to go for a fairytale, straight-out-of-Disney kind of room or motif in your space, then having some bright light as your main would usually do the trick. You could also add some lamps that would soothe you when you go to sleep. That’s just among the example that I’m trying to point out here. I do have some tips on what kind of lighting you should use to give your living space some epic ambiance.

1.House Lights- these are usually the warm (not so bright) yellow bulbs that are perfect in the patio and even in the living room.

2.Fluorescent Lamp- this is ideal in the kitchen because you would need some bright lights to make sure you don’t injure yourself while you use some knives and the stove.

3.Low watts bulbs- when it comes to your room, you can just use some lights that are not too high in watts. This would give a more cozy character and calming feeling in your bedroom rather than the bright ones. Keep your lights soft and warm in the place where you lay your head on.

4.Christmas Lights- yes, you are reading this right! I’m actually suggesting using some Christmas lights even when it’s not yet time to celebrate it. You can use it in your room when the main light is off. You’re going to love the dramatic and quite romantic effect it could give to your room. You can place it on your headboard and whichever part of your wall. You can also put it in your guest room to make your visitor feel more welcome and at home. I don’t suggest you place it in the living room when it’s not yet Christmas time because it might look weird.

5.Lamps- these should always be present in your house because this will help you save money paying for electricity bills since the light that you’re going to use here would only consume less energy than your main lights.

Note these tips for lighting your house. There are also other things to consider before buying the light in your room and that would be the color of your walls and ceiling and the number of furniture present in your space.

Who Says Living In A Tiny House Can’t Be Comfortable?

Who Says Living In A Tiny House Can’t Be ComfortableMost people are accustomed to living in a huge house to say it’s comfortable. But with the dwindling economy and the many natural calamities that are happening these days (blame global warming), it is almost no longer reasonable and practical to buy a big house just to end up paying huge bills. It is like you are only working and breathing just to pay bills! There is definitely more to life than that. The secret to living a comfortable life is simplicity. Perhaps not a lot of people would agree on that because one could argue that they work hard so they could live in a big house. But I tell you what; living in a small space could be as comfortable as living in a huge one (probably even less stressful).

I’m going to share with you here the many benefits of living in a tiny house and if it is going to be your first time hearing about it, I will also tell you how you could survive living in one. I know that the transition could be drastic, especially if you are one of those who have lived all their lives in a traditional home. This will definitely take you out of your usual comfort zone, but still I can guarantee you that you will feel the comfort that a human still needs in a shelter.


1.Say goodbye to mortgage and renting high on a monthly basis. You’re basically living off-grid when you are in a tiny house.

2.It is not hard to maintain it since it is small.

3.You can always use solar energy to power it, which again saves you money and it is even eco-friendly.

There are companies now that provide their clients with materials and direction on how to build their own tiny house. Others could also request for people who would help build it with them. Australia, America and even Europe have many people tried this style of housing and were successful enough to find ways to live in it.

I wouldn’t say there are no downsides at all because even if you live in a huge and “comfortable” house, as a lot of people would define it, there are still going to be some minor setbacks. One would be indoor plumbing. I have seen a lot of tiny and off-grid houses who are using composite toilet because of the lack of indoor plumbing. Now, this is completely optional. It is still up to you if you would want to use a composite toilet instead of the traditional one with actual flush and running water involved. Personally, I prefer the latter.

It would depend on the kind of tiny house or off grid community that you would live in if they have an access to indoor plumbing. This is something that you must check before you completely buy the place or sign the papers. But in general, you would love living in this kind of lifestyle.